Manage npm Global Packages

Install, Update, List and Uninstall Global npm Packages

This post is about how can we install, update, uninstall and list out installed global packages of NPM.

The commands that start with $ are meant to be run in the terminal or command line.
The output of the command will follow immediately.
Comments will begin with #.

Install Global Packages

$ npm install -g <package>

For example, to install express globally, type

$ npm install -g express
+ express@4.16.3
added 50 packages from 47 contributors in 10.433s

Update Global Packages

$ npm update -g <package>

For example, to update express globally type

$ npm update -g express

To find out which packages need to be updated, type

$ npm outdated -g --depth=0
Package  Current  Wanted  Latest  Location
nodemon   1.18.2  1.18.3  1.18.3
npm        6.1.0   6.2.0   6.2.0

To update all global packages, type

$ npm update -g

List All Installed Global Packages

$ npm list -g --depth 0
├── express@4.16.3
├── nodemon@1.18.2
└── npm@6.1.0
  • list -g: display a tree of every package found in the user’s folder(without the -g option it only shows the cureent directory’s packages)
  • --depth 0 OR --depth=0: to avoid including every package’s dependencies in the tree view

Uninstall Global Packages

$ npm uninstall -g <package>

For example, uninstall express globally

$ npm uninstall -g express
removed 50 packages in 0.289s

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